Personal Loan in Lucknow

The capital and the largest city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is situated on the banks of river Gomti. A city is an amalgamation of kebabs and nawabs, architecture and history, literature and culture. From a slice of rich colonial history to modernized museums, this artistic hub of Awadh region brings together the opulence of a glittering past and the simplicity of a modern city.

Places like – Rumi Darwaza, the Mughal Gateway built in the centre of the capital divides Lucknow into ‘Old Lucknow’ which is ancient, more crowded and comprises most of the Muslim population, and the ‘New Lucknow’ which is urban and one of the most planned cities of Asia. Old Lucknow is home to the iconic Mughal monument known as the Bara Imambara – an architectural marvel in and of itself and an exemplary embodiment of Awadhi architecture and culture. The economy is growing with contributions from the fields of IT, manufacturing and processing and medical/biotechnology. The major industries in the Lucknow urban agglomeration include aeronautics, automotive, machine tools, distillery chemicals, furniture and Chikan embroidery. Living in such a city, we know how difficult it is to sustain your lifestyle or take care of your unexpected expenses. From utility bills, travel expenses, medical emergencies to shopping RupeeRedee is here to save your day and.