Who we are?

RupeeRedee Website and App is published, managed and owned by Money Mitra IT Solutions Private Limited.” It is a new-age digital lending platform that leverages state-of-the-art technology and data sciences to make lending safe, quick and hassle-free for India’s massive population of underserved customers. RupeeRedee operates with its captive RBI Registered NBFC in the background to facilitate instant personal loans. RupeeRedee started it's operations in 2018 with a aim to position itself as a ‘Lender for All’ by offering lending products to various customer segments commensurate to risk profile. RupeeRedee also has a captive NBFC, FincFriends Private Limited which is one of the first 100% digital NBFCs registered with RBI.

What we offer ?

RupeeRedee operates with multiple Non-Banking Financial Institutions in the background to facilitate short-term personal loans coupled with PhyGital, POS, LaaS and Brokerage services and have deployed various forms of underwriting including alternate data sources and is not restricted to credit score-based underwriting only.